trixie_kixx_300How long have you been performing and how did you first get involved with the modern burlesque scene?

Trixie Kixx: As soon as I finished my professional dance training I began performing for a very small cabaret company in South West London. I was then cast in Burlesque On Ice and took 7 months out to train on the ice! I performed in this crazy show in February and Tempest Rose, the director of House of Burlesque, saw me and invited me to compete in her prestigious competition Burlesque Idol. I won my heat and she then invited me to perform in their summer residency at the London Wonderground festival and subsequently, to choreograph and perform as a resident dancer in the Speakeasy show in Soho, London. Tempest catapulted my performing career in the burlesque industry and the past 10 months have been so so amazing! Performing, in group numbers and as a solo artist, is everything I have ever dreamed of and all I have worked and trained for. My favourite feeling in the world is hot stage lights on my skin and hearing audiences roar!

Tell us a little about your act…

Trixie Kixx: I’ll be performing a few acts throughout the night but one of my newest is Disco Fever! I created a bespoke soundtrack of 9 pumping disco tunes and managed to source an awesome lace cape and pink sequin hotpants! I trained professionally as a dancer and continue to train now. One of the styles I have recently discovered and fallen in love with is waacking. It originated in the gay clubs of the 70s to disco music of the divas! It’s all about sass and expression with very stylised movement of the arms. My Disco Fever act incorporates this amazing original street dance style in the choreography. Watch out for my handmade disco ball bra!

What have been some of your favourite places to perform (other than ICEBAR LONDON obviously)?

Trixie Kixx: Performing in the 600 seat vintage Spiegeltent for House of Burlesque at the London Wonderground festival on the South Bank over the summer was unbelievable! The stage setup was very different in that we had a stage, catwalk and a circular stage in the round so we had audience to every direction! Every show was packed out and the audiences were wild for us! I felt so privileged to be a part of such an incredible line up of artists in such a beautiful venue. I’m so excited to perform at ICEBAR and I hope every guest joins me for some bumps and grinds!

Do you have a particular backstage routine to help you get ready for a show?trixie_kixx_1

Trixie Kixx: I hate being late or rushed so I’m always very early! I like to unpack and lay all my costumes out and set up a little hair and makeup station, although most cabaret dressing rooms are tiny so this has to be very compact! Growing up doing endless dancing shows, my Mum and teachers instilled strict backstage discipline in looking after costumes and being polite, tidy and organised and I always have spares of everything! You never know when a stocking will ladder or your glitter spray’s going to run out!

Our NYE theme is Moulin Rouge – why do you think this famous venue still resonates so strongly with people over a century after its creation?

Trixie Kixx: The Moulin Rouge has the most rich, intriguing and fascinating history. It recently celebrated its 125th birthday and we still celebrate and strive to emulate its wild, strange and audacious ways today! It was an extravagant setting where people from all walks of life could mix and enjoy phenomenal shows and performers that aspired to provoke and challenge. It was new, it was naughty and it was fabulous! Dancers wore less, their legs went higher and there was an international and multi discipline inclusion that attracted and wowed a wide audience. Something of its energy and daring ways still touches us through the passage of time and the promise of the thrill still draws us in!

Our busy modern day lives are as far away from the glamorous, opulent nightlight of the Moulin Rouge as it can get! Escapism to feathers and fishnets and cocktails and corsets is pure joy and a celebration of this wonderful world of cabaret, performance art and enjoying it all as part of a diverse audience! If there’s ever a better time/reason/excuse to don your most sparkly and most fabulous outfit, its new year’s eve and especially with a Moulin Rouge theme, you can add all the glamorous accessories you desire because it would be rude not to!

And finally, the founding tenets of the Moulin Rouge were Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love. Which is the most important, would you say, and why?

Trixie Kixx: Freedom. If you have freedom, you have the ability to love. To love who you want to, how you want to. To love and be loved in return is the beauty of life. Physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder, freedom to love who you find beautiful and celebrate this creates true happiness and truth in one’s self. When we are all true to ourselves and others because we are sharing love for the beautiful people in our lives because of freedom, that is what matters and that is what we should all strive for.