Inside the kitchen


We are ICEBAR LONDON, a unique venue at the heart of Regent Street’s prestigious Food Quarter, so it’s only right we honour our city’s culinary heritage with our own modern British menu.

To us modern British means a mix of the classic and the new. Familiar dishes with delicious new twists and an attention to detail  in our ingredients, preparation and plating that takes the food we grew up with and turns it into something you’ll want to fall in love with all over again. We also have lots of fantastic culinary tools to help make our dishes extra special too, from sous vide preparation to open grills for that perfect bar mark on every steak.

Just as you’ll never think of cocktails the same way once you’ve enjoyed one served at -5°C, our ICEBAR & DINE package is perfect way to mix the best of the warm and the cold into a truly unique experience you’ll want to enjoy again and again.


Icebar kitchen and restaurant menu and philosophy

Food is always changing and we like to work with local and seasonal produce whenever we can.