Restaurant Menu


COAL ROASTED CAULIFLOWER, quail eggs, summer truffle (v) £9.5

CRISPY TOFU, pickled cucumbers, toasted peanuts, spiced honey (v) £8

GLAZED PORK BELLY, burnt apple puree, crackling strings £9

GRILLED KING CRAB IN SPICY BUTTER, courgette crab rolls, Spanish pimentos, guacamole, salmon caviar £10.5

SMOKED CREEKSTONE USDA BRISKET, caramelised onions, pickled celery, BBQ sauce £8

TUNA TARTARE, horseradish crème fraiche, seared scallop, puffed rice £10


BBQ AUBERGINE, parsley and grain salad, fried halloumi, kebab sauce (v) £12

RICOTTA STUFFED PEPPERS, pistachio pesto, fried quinoa (v) £12

BABY CHICKEN BONED AND CRISPY, Poblano pesto, roasted carrot, pine nuts £17

DUCK GLAZED WITH TAMARIND, sweet potato puree, pickled cherries, stem broccoli £17

MONKFISH ‘TANDOORI’, Jerusalem artichokes, coconut, spinach £18

ICEBAR CHEESEBURGER, 7oz green peppercorn caramel Jus, smoked garlic mayo,
dill pickle, onion mustard jam. Served with fries £14

48 HOUR SHORT RIB, spiced miso pumpkin purée, charred butter cabbage  £22



FRIES SKIN ON, sweet and sour Korean ketchup £3.5



BROCCOLI GRATIN, Parmesan bread crumbs £4.5

BAKED POTATO, bacon butter £4.5

ROASTED BUTTON MUSHROOMS, thyme and Alsace bacon £4.5


TRIPLE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE, toasted marshmallow, salted caramel  £5.5

COAL ROASTED APPLE, cinnamon ice cream, oat brandy snaps £5.5

ICE CREAM SANDWICH, Vanilla or Tiramisu £6.5


All menu items are subject to availability.
Regrettably we cannot guarantee that any of our menu items are free from nuts or that fish dishes are without bones. Please ask your server for clarification.
VAT is included in all prices at 20%. A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to the final restaurant bill.
All gratuities and service charges are distributed to staff.